About Us

Wise Up. Suit Up. Stand Up.

 In early 2019, founder Ben Buie had an epiphany that would elevate the work of MyNiceTie forever.  The necktie is more than an accessory, it’s a symbol! A suit is the classic uniform of a successful man. It represents tradition, nobility, culture, power, masculinity, hard work, smart work, manners, ethics, thoughtful appearance, and yes, success.   

Unfortunately, the necktie and much of what it represents are disappearing from society. As devastating as this is to Ben, it is also the catalyst of our new initiative— wise up, suit up, and stand up - an effort to aid the creation and proliferation of successful individuals, communities, and nations.

MyNiceTie has made a commitment to ourselves, and a call to action in our community—Wise Up. Suit Up. Stand Up.


Inclusive and necessary to our mission, is to seek out wisdom—a pursuit more grandiose than chasing trending morals or causes. Just as the necktie levels up a man’s dress, a targeted search for wisdom levels up a man’s existence. Therefore, we strive to, and call our community, to explore the principles, values, and attributes that lead to successful individuals, communities, and nations. 

To that end, we are thrilled to engage with our community on our YouTube channel in the form of vlogs, content, and interviews. We engage men concerning the attributes of freedom, principles of success, proper dress and manners, and societal roles. Men today deserve even more than a great looking tie - you deserve a company and community that is dedicated to making you a better man.


At MyNiceTie, we understand the importance of dressing for success. A big part of our initiative is to manufacture quality menswear accessories to encourage men to level up their dress. We sell ties to men who look good (not only because they are wearing a sweet tie) but because they know what they believe and how to act. As a bonus, our accessories are often connected to attributes of success or causes that men find important. 

In addition to our online store, our YouTube channel features videos on topics such as dressing well, looking confident, and other menswear fundamentals. Currently, our YouTube channel is the center of a thriving community of 70k subscribers and over 50 million viewers. Our popular videos on “how to tie a tie” have spawned an ongoing series dedicated to suiting up.

To us, suiting up is bigger than menswear, it represents the preparation everyone must take before they’re ready to make a difference in the world. Some say, become the change you want to see in the world and we agree. This initiative encourages getting our own house in order before we are ready to take on problems at a community or societal level.


 Men who search for wisdom and prepare themselves are ready to lift others. MyNiceTie’s mission encourages men to stand up for causes, ideas, and people that lift themselves, their community, and their nations.

From its inception, MyNiceTie has focused on freeing people from the bondage of poverty. Read more about our founder’s inspiration for MyNiceTie. For 10 years, we have directed nearly 40% of our menswear profits to entrepreneurs in developing countries through the KIVA organization. As of 2021, we’ve given loans at 0% interest to 893 entrepreneurs all over the world. This is one way we give back and give others a leg up. 

We are incredibly lucky to partner with and raise funds for other groups that are working to improve the world. In 2021, we launched a fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that seeks to free children from sex trafficking. We’ll continue to look for opportunities to stand up for causes that help our fellow men flourish. 

At MyNiceTie, we believe that by empowering men to wise up, suit up, and stand up, we’re contributing to a better world.