Why Buy A Zipper Tie?

Here are several great reasons to buy a Zipper Tie and because we believe everyone should have at least one zipper tie, we will give you 20% off your first one if you contact us about a promo code. If you have a second, check out our What is a zipper tie? video below.

What is a Zipper Tie?

In case you've never seen a zipper tie in real life... 

To make a zipper tie, we take a piece of plastic hardware (not surprisingly called zipper tie hardware), attach a zipper slider to it (you know, the thing you usually pull up and down on a zipper) and wrap the end of the necktie around it to make what resembles a knot.

Then we take a zipper tape and sew it into the skinny end of the tie and create a loop. The zipper tape is threaded through the zipper slider and through the fake knot to create a loop.

You open the zipper tie by pulling its loop away from the knot, put it around your neck, and then pull the skinny end of the tie to tighten the zipper and loop around your neck.

Good quality zipper ties have stiff zippers to prevent the tie from loosening while your wearing it. The best quality zipper ties have locking zippers to ensure that it never comes loose. All of our older zipper ties are good quality and all our newer zipper ties are the best quality. 

A Perfect Knot for Your Necktie

You cannot believe how many times I see people with crooked tie knots. Just pay attention to it and you'll see all kinds of crazy knots. 

Imagine this, you get a new outfit for a big meeting; a nice designer suit, a neatly pressed shirts with cuff links, and some slick European shoes. You look and feel like a million bucks. Then, on your way to the meeting, your necktie gets pulled, twisted, and turned. You don't notice because you're caught up in the moment. I don't care how nice your suit looks, you are not going to impress if it looks like a monkey tied your tie. Zipper ties don't have that problem. You could go through a tornado and your tie will have a perfect knot every time.

The Perfect Length

It is hard to tie a necktie the right length every time. And to make matters worse, every necktie is different. Some are longer, some are thicker, and some seem impossible to get right. It takes time to learn how to tie each tie perfect every time. You will not have to worry about it with a zipper tie from MyNiceTie. You slip it on, zip it up, and MOVE ON with your life!

Zipper Ties Save You Time

The other day I saw a video online that teaches you how to tie a tie in 10 seconds flat. It didn't work for me, and all the comments on the video were angry people who had wasted their time. You want to learn how to tie a tie in 10 seconds flat? You already know the answer: buy a zipper tie!

Zipper Ties Last Longer

A zipper tie has no wear and tear caused from tying and untying your necktie. This helps the tie last longer and keep a better form all the time.

Our Zipper Ties Help a Good Cause

20% of our revenue goes to help struggling people in third world countries. We do this through a non-profit organization called KIVA. Every tie you buy from MyNiceTie helps someone. Just remember, you're making the world a better place with every purchase