Our Cause

MyNiceTie's Story

From our first website built with a do-it-yourself kit, to today with our hugely popular How To Tie a Tie YouTube channel and thriving eCommerce business, our core mission has been to change lives. 

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MyNiceTie's Business Model

In typical business transactions only two parties win, the customer wins by enjoying value from a product, and the business wins through revenue and profits. In MyNiceTie's business model, one other party participates in the transaction, and that is those in poverty.

MyNicetie takes 20% of its revenue and loans it to entrepreneurs in third world countries at 0% interest. Meet those MyNiceTie has helped so far. We sacrifice some profit until the loans are paid back, and ambitious entrepreneurs in third world countries are given a chance not otherwise possible.


How Do We Get The Loans To The Third World?

Our loans are made possible by an organization called KIVA. KIVA is a unique micro-financing company because it connects everyday people (and companies like MyNiceTie) in developed countries with everyday people in other countries. MyNiceTie gives the money to KIVA and they manage the distribution and repayment of funds. After the loans are repaid, MyNiceTie either re-loans the money (which is what we've done up to this point), or we use it like any other company.

The recipients of these loans are ambitious and enterprising. Some are peanut makers that need as little as $25 to buy the necessary equipment to become profitable. Others are delivery drivers that could start their own business if they could only get a $50 bicycle. They have ideas and they come to KIVA for funds.



We love the old chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." With your help, we're giving people all over the world the chance to learn to fish. 

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