Our Cause

STAND UP with MyNiceTie

The core mission of MyNiceTie has always been to improve the lives of individuals and better the world.   

Our initiative to Wise Up, Suit Up, and Stand Up inspires men in every position to embark on their own journey of self discovery (wise up), get their own life in order (suit up), and join the ranks of men striving to make meaningful change in the world (stand up). Stand up captures the essence of our cause. 

Standing up will be unique to every person and we encourage men to search out the organizations, people, and causes to support. At MyNiceTie, we are happy to partner with some amazing groups. We choose organizations whose values align with our mission. We love the discourse surrounding principles of success and we want to be a part of implementing those principles into our society.       

Stand with KIVA

MyNiceTie’s stand with KIVA began when our company began.  Inspired by the revolutionary work of Tom’s Shoes, founder Ben Buie, felt the need to include more than just the retailer and consumer in his business model.  He wanted to assist those in poverty, especially those who were willing to work and driven to change their situation. 

So, for 14 years, MyNiceTie has loaned 20% of our revenue to entrepreneurs in third world countries at 0% interest. Our loans are made possible by an organization called KIVA.  As a unique micro-financing company, KIVA connects people (and companies) to everyday people who need loans. The recipients of these loans are ambitious and enterprising. Some are peanut makers that need as little as $25 to buy the necessary equipment to become profitable. Others are delivery drivers that could start their own business if they could get a $50 bicycle. Meet those MyNiceTie has helped so far.

We “stand up” by sacrificing some profit until the loans are paid back and entrepreneurs in third world countries are given a chance not otherwise possible.  

Stand with Other Nonprofits

Operation Underground Railroad

In 2020, MyNiceTie began a fundraiser to support Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). As an organization dedicated to eliminating child sex trafficking, O.U.R. is staffed by former law enforcement, armed forces, and members of the FBI. With local law enforcement, they plan operations to infiltrate sex trafficking rings, retrieve victims, arrest perpetrators, and rehabilitate victims. O.U.R. relies on funds from individuals and companies like MyNiceTie.  

We love O.U.R. not only because their cause is noble and beautiful, but also because they are a great example of  standing up. Where so many have been complacent, O.U.R. members even risk their safety to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. We are so thrilled to be able to contribute to their work. Order your Beacon or Rescue O.U.R. tie today! 

Other Nonprofits

If you know of a nonprofit that is aligned with the values of MyNiceTie, we’d love to run a fundraiser for them with some beautiful ties. You can contact us at MyNiceTie.com or on social media.


We love the words of Abraham Lincoln, “The world knows we do know how to save it. We -- even we here -- hold the power, and bear the responsibility.”  We are humbled and honored to stand alongside our partners and all you noble gentlemen.  

To share how you STAND UP in your community - join us on our MyNiceTie Facebook page or on Twitter @mynicetie.