The Undercover Free Tie | TrialPay

Free ties still around, but undercover.

For years MyNiceTie has given ties away for free through TrialPay. Although TrialPay pays us for the free ties we give you, it doesn't pay us as much as we would make by just selling the ties. In addition, some people may be leery to buy neckties from a site that gives them away for free; they may think we're not legit or something. 

Rather than getting rid of this service, we decided to take it undercover. You'll notice we don't link to this page anymore by its name and we only talk about it on our social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter).

So, thanks for being a fan!


TrialPay Pays Us For Your Tie

TrialPay helps companies like Netflix, Gap, or Blockbuster find new customers. These affiliates will buy you a tie if you accept their trial offer. Some of the trials are free, like Netflix, and others are discounts on products that you would already purchase, like Gap. Check out all the affiliate offers and then choose one that suits you. Then follow the instructions given to redeem your free tie from MyNicetie. Get started >

Once that process is complete, we send you a coupon code for a free tie. It is that simple.