Tying Your Tie

After you learn how to tie a tie, send your creation to fans [at] mynicetie.com and we'll post it here. 



Mauricio's Eldredge Knot (yay, the first pic ever!)

Mauricio's My name is Frankie and my sister just got married. I love dressing up but hate having to match people. I was a groomsmen and of coarse we had to wear same outfits. When I saw your eldredge knot video I watched and knew I had to wear this knot to the wedding. Your video made it easy to learn and I really felt like it set me aside from the other groomsmen. Thank you for making videos ! Keep doing it.

Loved the video!!

Sent by a proud mother. :)

My first Eldredge knot.

 My attempt at it

Hey there, thanks for the video on the Eldredge knot. I managed to get it within just a few tries.

Anyway, thanks for a tutorial that was far more helpful than the two I found before it - gonna shop your site next time I'm tying up my wardrobe.

My first try came out great thank you guys! :)

My first try came out great thank you guys! :)