Gentri Interview - The Best Dressed Musicians Who Are Also Wise And Kind Gentlemen

We're on a mission to interview gentlemen and gentlewomen who are wise, well dressed, and ambitious for good. This is the FIRST of many interviews. 

We found Gentri to be not only be wise, well dressed, and ambitious for good but also very genuine and kind. Watch the full interview with Gentri

Our questions ranged from who they were growing up, to what led to their success, and what is next for them in their careers. 

You'll definitely want to check out their answer to "What is the inspiration for your style?", "What are the worst style faux pas?", and "Have you found it hard to succeed in an industry that doesn't seem to produce many gentlemen?"

You can also see who wins our tie tying contest, learn to tie their favorite necktie knots, and even learn a knot you've never seen, we're calling it the Gentri knot. 

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