How to Tie a Tie: THE GENTRI KNOT


During an interview with Gentri, The Gentlemen Trio, we asked them their favorite necktie knots. They all used different knots, but Bradley Quinn Lever tied a knot we'd never seen before and his knot doesn't have a name. So, in honor of Gentri, we introduce to you THE GENTRI KNOT.

If you haven't heard of Gentri, check out our interview with them. We found them to be not only well dressed, but also wise and kind. Their music is very inspiring, and their mission is to bring gentlemen back. 

We love their mission and found it very interconnected with our mission to wise up, suit up, and speak up. Because of this synergy, we chose to interview them in our first of many interviews with people who are wise, well dressed, and ambitious for good.