The Easy and Versatile Nicky Knot | How to Tie a Tie

Hi Friends! We’ve got a new video to show you featuring a personal favorite, the Nicky Knot!

Though this knot isn’t the most widely known - it is definitely one you should learn because of its simplicity and versatility.

You may have heard of the Pratt-Shelby knot, well this one is very similar but it has one different step which makes the knot self releasing, in other words, when you go to untie it, you can just pull the knot apart easily.

This knot is particularly helpful if you have a necktie that seems a little too short or if all your ties seem short. This method doesn’t take a lot of length so it can help your tie look better in the end.


  1. Like the Shelby-Pratt, start with the seam facing out. The wide end should be on the right side, and the skinny on your left.
    • Note - the thickness of your tie will determine the size of your knot. I recommend a medium to medium thick tie. If you opt for a thin tie, keep in mind your knot may look too small.
  1. Form and “X” by crossing the wide end underneath the skinny.
  2. Bring the wide end up and into the loop around your neck, and then down to the right. Your seam should still be facing out and the wide end should be behind and to the right of the skinny end.
  3. Bring the end of the thick side across horizontally to the left. This will create a horizontal band in front of the tie.
    • Note - if you’re using a thicker tie, there may be some folds or wrinkles around this step. Take a couple seconds to smooth them out!
  1. Pull the wide end up underneath the loop around your neck
  2. Tuck it down the band you just created
  3. Seam should now be facing inward. Pull the wide end through the horizontal loop completely and tug to secure in place. The thin end should be hidden behind the wide end now.
  4. To release, lift the narrow end up out of the knot and the rest of the tie will fall apart on its own.

And there you have it folks! Pretty easy, but looks really nice dressed up or worn casually. While you’re there, check out our other videos in case you want to venture out and try a more complex or formal knot.

Keep looking classy!