Father's Day – Giving Thanks to the Big Guy

As summer starts to reach warmer highs, backyard barbecues begin to fill the air, baseball build a fever pitch, and all those other dad-like things, I’m reminded why Father's Day is so important.

For many of us, our fathers brought a genuine sense of self into our lives. When you think about a father or a great dad, what do you picture? I thought about that a lot this year as I continue to grow, expand my business, develop relationships with friends, and find a greater sense of connection to my family.

I would be lying if I said that my father didn't have a major part in all of these things, even if he's not by my side every single day. What I remember from growing up was my father's service and love for those around him. He was the first to lend a helping hand and to inspire a laugh in a stranger.

One vivid memory I have is how he’d gently unfold his suit and make sure it was clean and free of any lint. He’d take his little cloth and wipe down his shoes before he put each of them on and tied them with delicate precision. He had a few ties, and to me they seemed like the most important thing he was wearing. It was the one chance to show some color and personality. Eventually he'd settle on one, and I would get to watch him walk through the motions of tying it around his neck. Over, around, under, up, and through the loop – finally pulling it tight.

This Father's Day, I encourage everyone to think of something special about our Fathers or Father figures. They bring so many positive sentiments into our lives, even if they were/are off and hard at work much of the time.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Ben Buie
Director of Good News

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