Step Into the World With a New Sense of Fashion

Today's fashion and style ideas can permeate through our culture at lightning speed. Social media has empowered us to share everything we love with everyone we know, and style is no exception.

Even a cursory look online will find that there are nearly infinite ways to customize the modern tie. In fact, everything from corporate brands to content creators and creative individuals are either making money or making a living off of marketing and promoting different ideas.

We're all familiar with things like the Windsor Knot and the Bow Tie – but what about all the other styles that are possible? How about the Trinity or the Eldridge knot? What if you want to know how to tie a tie in 10 seconds? A quick search of “how to tie a tie” on YouTube is bound to pull up many new and interesting possibilities.

After all, in a world where people are wearing avant-garde leather jeans with frayed seams, and hats made out of organic material you can find in your lawn, you may want to take it one step at a time and whip up a fresh tie look.

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