Our Goals

I had so much fun writing the last blog post, I think I'll write another one. 

Every once in a while people ask me what my goals are for MyNiceTie. My answer is simple, help bring people out of poverty. We do that with our charity, and we also do that by teaching people to tie ties. One of the most common comments on our how to tie a tie videos is how we saved their life by teaching them right before an interview. 

After I share our main goal people always ask what is my goal with the business. This answer is easy, I want to be the Amazon for neckwear and accessories. It is a crazy big goal, but one that is possible and desired. There isn't a place where you can go online and find all kinds of ties. You can find some on Ebay, but you can't really trust the sellers. You can find some on Amazon, but you can't really know if they're quality. There is no place to find all the major brands and types and styles of ties, from quality to affordable and everything in between. That is our sweet spot. 

We've already begun to reach for this goal, but we have a long way to go. 

Thank you for all the help, and as always, keep looking classy!