Small Business Big Marketing Interviews MyNiceTie's Founder Ben Buie

As our how to tie a tie YouTube channel continues to grow, MyNiceTie is starting to catch the eye of the media all over the world. Tim Reid, the host of the biggest marketing podcast in Australia, reached out about an interview on our YouTube success.

Listen to the interview here:

In the pre-interview, Tim was surprised to find that MyNiceTie wasn't bringing in millions of dollars. He thought because of our millions of views on YouTube we'd be rolling in the dough and sitting on a beach somewhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. We're still just a small business working hard, focusing passionately on finding the best looking ties online, and changing the world one necktie at a time.

That said, this next year is going to be the biggest yet. We're excited about a 12 month lineup planned for more YouTube videos. In addition to some traditional knots like the Half Windsor and the Four-in-hand Knot, we're going to be doing some fun on-the-street videos and even debut the all new Buie Knot (pronounced boo-e). Stay tuned. We're also going to be adding more designs and types to our inventory including extra long ties and kids ties.

Big thanks to our loyal customers and fans!