Cutting Ties

November is full of traditions that honor the heroes of our country, but did you know that there’s one that actually focuses on ties? Yes, the Navy Tie Cutting Ceremony.


Once an aviator completes their first solo flight, their instructor takes a shiny pair of scissors to their neckwear! Now, if you know anything about the Navy, you may be thinking, “but the Navy doesn’t wear ties!” Ahh, but they did and this tradition stuck.


Back in the day, whenever a sailor would make a mistake, their instructors would tug on their tie as if to say, “straighten up and fly right!” Once the instructor’s job was done, they’d cut their sailor’s ties, signifying that they no longer needed this type of correction.


For decades, this has been a fun Navy tradition, a rite of passage and uniting activity for every squadron! It’s a great reminder of how ties are a rich part of american culture.


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