Don't Let Your Prom Wear Go Down In Infamy

Every April, I inevitably get involved in conversations regarding a little thing that has essentially exploded into a national holiday. Students obsess about it; parents stress out about it; schools do everything they can to one-up each other, and the local police—if we may be curt for a moment—gets a chance to fill their quota early. :)

Prom. When I was in school, we all dressed our best and met in the school gym. The janitor dangled a disco ball from the ceiling, and off we went.

I’ve spoken with parents about their kids as they send them off to prom these days, it seems like fanfare around prom is out of control. Today, high schools are renting out hotel banquet halls, students pack into limos, photographers are hired for high-end photo shoots, and from what I hear, there are some pretty festive parties both on and off campus surrounding the event.

Our culture, like everything else, has ballooned prom from a quaint little coming of age story to a massive experience of transformation.

I guess the only thing that has remained constant is that everyone still makes an effort to look their best.

You may remember the last note I wrote about weddings—and getting photographed a hundred times. Prom is no different. If you’re going to shell out for a fancy photographer, you probably want to look nice. We all remember the guy who insisted on wearing a top hat and a tuxedo t-shirt. The truth is, he looked a little out of place, and years later, he still does.

When you show people your prom photos, what feeling did you have? When you look at your “old” self, what do you think? Do you have butterflies, are you in shock, or do you quickly shut the book and try to forget? Whatever the emotion, you can still try to make your kid's night the best it can be—especially when, these days, there will be thousands of photos posted the next day.

It always comes down to the fact that looking great is the best way to go. Check out some .