Celebrate National College Colors Day in Style


Happy National College Colors Day! One of the best experiences of my life was going to school at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Their white and navy blue colors of BYU have an extraordinary place in my heart. These colors represent a significant part of my life where I discovered who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do in my life.

I started MyNiceTie the summer before I started school at BYU. I convinced a friend into funding a trip to Korea where I planned to buy 1,000 ties. I knew very little about neckties at the time, in fact, I actually learned the word Tariff and Quota from someone who only spoke Korean in a low lit market near Dongdaemun in Seoul Korea. Miraculously, I was able to get the ties for half price and ended up getting 2,000 of them back to the states.

I sold the ties every way I could think. I sold them to local stores. I sold them door-to-door. I even built my own website to sell them. So many wonderful lessons about life and business came from selling those ties, not to mention they helped me graduate debt free.

MyNiceTie continued to grow and also helped me make ends meet through my Master's Degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder with it's Gold, Black, and Grey colors flying proudly.

I had no idea that MyNiceTie would be so helpful when it started. Like I mentioned before, I knew very little when I began, but I kept pushing forward, problem-solving and looking for opportunities. Many of the opportunities failed;  but some of them were successful, like our world famous MyNiceTie YouTube Channel, that can teach you how to tie a tie.

The same is right for you and your future. Just do the best you can, look for your next best opportunity and seize it. Not every prospect will bear fruit but some of them will.

At Mynicetie.com, education and entrepreneurship remains important to our business. Mynicetie takes 20% of its revenue and loans it to entrepreneurs in third world countries at zero interest. Check out on the mynicetie website of those people whom we have helped so far. We sacrifice some profit until the loans are paid back, and ambitious entrepreneurs in Third World Countries are given a chance not otherwise possible.

We hope you'll celebrate with us this upcoming National College Colors Day. Wear your college colors proudly.

We have so many great selections of bright, colorful ties to help you match those colors of your alma mater. Check out our collection of neckties, bow ties, and zipper ties. And if your school colors are blue and gold, like mine, then enjoy 10% off our Blue Cougars tie (for September only) using the code GOBYU18 or follow this link for automatic application: https://www.mynicetie.com/discount/GOBYU18?redirect=%2Fproducts%2Fdark-blue-striped-necktie-with-gold-stripes.

I hope all of you have a fantastic September.

God Bless!