Color Yourself in this Month wants to celebrate this upcoming National Coloring Book Day (yes, coloring in a coloring book is an official, recognized holiday).

Be it superheros, alphabet letters, or simply scribbling all over the page and calling it modern art, coloring has significant mental health benefits, not just for children but yes, adults; yes, that means you; especially those adults who have to deal with the day-to-day Corporate Kool Aid or the personal anxiety, depression, and stress we so often experience on a daily basis.

But to fight the ongoing epidemic of depressed people and overly stressed, burnt out working professionals, we want to help celebrate National Coloring Book day with you this month.

Enter, if you dare, our upcoming:


Come on! Give in to your inner child, join the coloring craze, and scribble yourself a picture.

We would love to see if you have the guts to enter our coloring contest. Design and color in the best tie your creative genius can come up with. Who knows, coloring tends to bring out the brilliance in people.  We will have two categories, an adult and a kid category. The winner will win… ready for it…


Use the template below to design and color! The deadline is August 31st. Send it to Please include the artist’s name and age with your entries. We will showcase the winners in next month’s post!

We also are giving 10% off for anyone who uses the promo code COLOR18 for the month of August. We have a lot of great colors to choose from this month.

Now, back to my very important and world changing article about coloring. Women are catching onto the popular trend of coloring more and more but do men? I don’t think so. A lot of men don’t even know how to tie a tie, let alone color. Some grown men wouldn’t be caught dead with a coloring book in their hands unless their child or fiancee threatened them with a razor sharp crayon.

The biggest benefit of coloring is how it reduces anxiety and depression, helping our brains enter a meditative state while detracting the focus from ourselves and applying our attention to the present moment. Coloring allows us to use our left and right brain at the same time, helping us relax, which is when we think our best. Even the great Carl Jung suggested coloring to help treat his patients with mental disorders way before his time.

Coloring  brings out the vibrant part of our life, the colors we see in nature and in space; and that maybe one of the very reasons why we love nature so much- the vibrant green, the Earth-tone brown, sky blue, the flowery pink. Pierre Auguste Renoir said that even “Black is the Queen of all colors.”

Coloring brings out the inner child in us, that creative being that seems to fade away each day we get older. That one time, those few special years, when we didn’t have worries or expectations. That one time when we could dream and imagine.

If you have seen our beautiful, colorful, and tasteful array of ties, you’ll see we love lots of colors here at Having vibrant colors in your life and in your wardrobe, studies have shown, have many positive health benefits.

Don’t ever feel you are too old to color or feel like you are out of place or look weird coloring. After all, “Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.” Al Hirschfeld, the famous American caricaturist, said. On this National Coloring Day, let coloring be a spark to light a creative fire within you. “Life is about using the whole box of crayons,” Ru Paul said. This year pick up a crayon and color in with every type of color the limitless opportunities ahead of you.