Top 5 Scare Worthy Halloween Pranks

Halloween pranks for necktie lovers

The autumn leaves falling, the crisp, cold air filling your nostrils. Don’t forget football, basketball, and playoff baseball. Hockey too! Fall is here. This is the time where you yearn for some hot apple cider and eggnog and my personal favorite: Witches brew (non-alcholoic at my house).

October, the time when the festivities begin: the Halloween costume parties, kids trick or treating, carving pumpkins (smashing them if you’re into that kind of thing), and passing out candy (you better do full-size candy bars this year). The haunted houses, corn mazes, Harry Potter movie marathons, and lastly my favorite, scaring people! 

Here are five best ways you can scare someone this month. Wear a tie, snap a picture, and tag it #mynicetie on instagram to share your Halloween shenanigans:

5. The Classic Pop Out Surprise

Nothing is easier and more fun than popping out from a corner or underneath a desk to scare someone. If you are brave, do this to someone you don’t know. And then laugh it off with them, or run away as fast as you can. Everyone likes a good scare.  

4. Head in the Jar.

Get a photo of your face and make it look squishy. Fill the jar with some awful looking food coloring. Put the photo of you in the jar and then put in the pantry. That is bound to scare someone. 
3. Writing on the Mirror

The mirrors are foggy and what better way to scare them then to write something scary on the mirror like “I’ve been watching you” or even better “I know where you live.”
2. Spiders and Bugs Oh My

Dropping a real life, fake spider from the ceiling while that special someone is watching a movie is terrifying for some people, if not all people. To add the cherry on top, put some fake bugs under a cover and a snake in the bathroom.  

1. The Ghost in Town

Have a friend dress up as a ghost and have them visit places. Then with your friends, start talking about the ghost and joke with them that on a certain date this ghost will appear. Then on that day, have the person come and scare them. To make it even better, go to a place where people think it is really haunted and then have the ghost meet you there to scare the living daylights out of them. 

Hope you enjoy our list and let us know your favorite ways to scare people. Just don’t scare people with your wardrobe. Check out our very non-scary ties at!


P.S. Another great Halloween prank is to make take a bunch of onions and dip them in caramel like you would for caramel apples. It’s not scary but it’s an awesome Halloween prank.