The Asymmetrical, Chill but Professional Four-in-Hand Knot

Changing the world one beautiful tie and one knot at a time! Today it is the Four-in-Hand knot.

If you are sick of the symmetrical and want asymmetrical, then the Four-in-Hand knot, traditionally known as the schoolboy knot, is the knot for you. Ironically, this was the first knot I learned as a poor little schoolboy. I didn’t think it looked very good at the time but now it’s getting popular again so it’s cool.

I like to call this the chill and relax knot, a look for less formal events such as the after work party or weekend social outings. Also, this happens to be one of the simpler knots to tie; so, if you suck at tying knots, don’t even try the others and stick with this one.

This knot is perfect for the passive aggressive type, those men who hate wearing neckties but have to because of their wives, girlfriends, moms, work, etc. The Four-in-Hand has an “I don’t care too much look” that seems to be popular these days among Millennials.

So, when you are wondering what knot to tie and you desperately want to feel like a schoolboy again or want to be passive aggressive or probably want to look professional but chill at the same time, go with the Four-in-Hand.

Find the perfect tie for the Four-in-Hand knot or learn how to tie the Four-in-Hand knot.