July 05, 2016


Step Into the World With a New Sense of Fashion

Today's fashion and style ideas can permeate through our culture at lightning speed. Social media has empowered us to share everything we love with everyone we know, and style is no exception.

Even a cursory look online will find that there are nearly infinite ways to customize the modern tie. In fact, everything from corporate brands to content creators and creative individuals are either making money or making a living off of marketing and promoting different ideas.

We're all familiar with things like the Windsor Knot and the Bow Tie – but what about all the other styles that are possible? How about the Trinity or the Eldridge knot? What if you want to know how to tie a tie in 10 seconds? A quick search of “how to tie a tie” on YouTube is bound to pull up many new and interesting possibilities.

After all, in a world where people are wearing avant-garde leather jeans with frayed seams, and hats made out of organic material you can find in your lawn, you may want to take it one step at a time and whip up a fresh tie look.

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P.S. Here is an interesting read about the history of neckties.

June 06, 2016


Father's Day – Giving Thanks to the Big Guy

As summer starts to reach warmer highs, backyard barbecues begin to fill the air, baseball build a fever pitch, and all those other dad-like things, I’m reminded why Father's Day is so important.

For many of us, our fathers brought a genuine sense of self into our lives. When you think about a father or a great dad, what do you picture? I thought about that a lot this year as I continue to grow, expand my business, develop relationships with friends, and find a greater sense of connection to my family.

I would be lying if I said that my father didn't have a major part in all of these things, even if he's not by my side every single day. What I remember from growing up was my father's service and love for those around him. He was the first to lend a helping hand and to inspire a laugh in a stranger.

One vivid memory I have is how he’d gently unfold his suit and make sure it was clean and free of any lint. He’d take his little cloth and wipe down his shoes before he put each of them on and tied them with delicate precision. He had a few ties, and to me they seemed like the most important thing he was wearing. It was the one chance to show some color and personality. Eventually he'd settle on one, and I would get to watch him walk through the motions of tying it around his neck. Over, around, under, up, and through the loop – finally pulling it tight.

This Father's Day, I encourage everyone to think of something special about our Fathers or Father figures. They bring so many positive sentiments into our lives, even if they were/are off and hard at work much of the time.

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Ben Buie
Director of Good News

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May 02, 2016


Weddings—Fashion Games

Weddings at MyNiceTie

With summer around the corner, I’m starting to hear everyone’s plans; and without fail, I hear a ton about weddings.

I’ve been to a LOT of weddings. Why? I think it’s because of these three reasons—let me know if any of them resonate with you.

One, I come from a big family. That one’s obvious.

Two, all my friends got to that age where we all started ‘adulting’ and buying nice clothes, thinking about our futures, etc.

Three, people seem to stay connected longer these days because of social media, and that means more invitations.

Speaking of social media, this season is sure to be filled with an obscene amount of photos plastered everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others! It’s fair to say that if you’re between 25-40 your social media is one continuous stream of people in fancy clothes getting their picture taken and frozen in infamy for all eternity.

From the bridal party to the casual last arrival in the back row—everyone is dressed up and looking good. The least you can do is present yourself well. If you’re going to pose for photos fifty times in a row—whether with friends, family, or the bride and groom, what’s your look going to be? If you’re looking to spice up your wedding look, try a different tie knot

Have you ever met someone who threw on a last minute look for a wedding? Why risk it? If you want to stand out and have your own flair, there are many ways to spruce up your wedding attire, from colorful pants, to a flashy belt and an unforgettable tie. Just make sure your tie and belt don’t match the bridal party. You might be remembered forever as that guy who crashed the photos.

Anyways, enjoy wedding season! Even if you’re not prepared for that long service, at least look your best. You might just show up in a couple hundred pictures the next day.

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April 04, 2016


Don't Let Your Prom Wear Go Down In Infamy

Every April, I inevitably get involved in conversations regarding a little thing that has essentially exploded into a national holiday. Students obsess about it; parents stress out about it; schools do everything they can to one-up each other, and the local police—if we may be curt for a moment—gets a chance to fill their quota early. :)

Prom. When I was in school, we all dressed our best and met in the school gym. The janitor dangled a disco ball from the ceiling, and off we went.

I’ve spoken with parents about their kids as they send them off to prom these days, it seems like fanfare around prom is out of control. Today, high schools are renting out hotel banquet halls, students pack into limos, photographers are hired for high-end photo shoots, and from what I hear, there are some pretty festive parties both on and off campus surrounding the event.

Our culture, like everything else, has ballooned prom from a quaint little coming of age story to a massive experience of transformation.

I guess the only thing that has remained constant is that everyone still makes an effort to look their best.

You may remember the last note I wrote about weddings—and getting photographed a hundred times. Prom is no different. If you’re going to shell out for a fancy photographer, you probably want to look nice. We all remember the guy who insisted on wearing a top hat and a tuxedo t-shirt. The truth is, he looked a little out of place, and years later, he still does.

When you show people your prom photos, what feeling did you have? When you look at your “old” self, what do you think? Do you have butterflies, are you in shock, or do you quickly shut the book and try to forget? Whatever the emotion, you can still try to make your kid's night the best it can be—especially when, these days, there will be thousands of photos posted the next day.

It always comes down to the fact that looking great is the best way to go. Check out some .

March 07, 2016


Résumés, Shirts, Shoes, and TIES!

I wanted to take a quick minute today and share a couple things on a topic inseparably connected to neckties—interviewing.

Interviewing is a hot topic. At first, I didn’t know why this topic is getting so much attention—but I looked into what my peers were saying online, and it started to make sense. Our current work culture—from corporations to the freelance market—has transformed interviewing into a new beast that’s far different than it was even five years ago.

Think about the tech movement. Companies are cropping up right and left—and touting incredible corporate cultures that feel more like theme parks than the cubicle game.

Employees are also staying with their current jobs for much shorter periods of time. The millennial generation has been throwing employers through a loop. At the end of the day, if you’re interviewing for a job and want to nail it, how do you make sure you end up on top?

Amidst this kind of cultural corporate overhaul, some things still reign true: you have to dress to impress.

While business casual has clearly dominated the workplace, those who are dressed like they want to succeed—usually do. Nice shoes, a clean, pressed shirt, a nice belt, and a nice tie is always a way to show that you value yourself—and that you value the business you're courting.

So, if you have an interview coming up and you’re fretting over how many oddball questions you’re going to get, don't forget that fashion is something to consider—you have to look your best!

Résumés are always important, but presentation goes far beyond the page.

Anyway—thanks for reading this quick note.

November 18, 2015


Cutting Ties

November is full of traditions that honor the heroes of our country, but did you know that there’s one that actually focuses on ties? Yes, the Navy Tie Cutting Ceremony.


Once an aviator completes their first solo flight, their instructor takes a shiny pair of scissors to their neckwear! Now, if you know anything about the Navy, you may be thinking, “but the Navy doesn’t wear ties!” Ahh, but they did and this tradition stuck.


Back in the day, whenever a sailor would make a mistake, their instructors would tug on their tie as if to say, “straighten up and fly right!” Once the instructor’s job was done, they’d cut their sailor’s ties, signifying that they no longer needed this type of correction.


For decades, this has been a fun Navy tradition, a rite of passage and uniting activity for every squadron! It’s a great reminder of how ties are a rich part of american culture.


If you need a tie for the cutting, use promo code TIECUTTING for 20% any order through November.  

June 24, 2015


Small Business Big Marketing Interviews MyNiceTie's Founder Ben Buie

As our how to tie a tie YouTube channel continues to grow, MyNiceTie is starting to catch the eye of the media all over the world. Tim Reid, the host of the biggest marketing podcast in Australia, reached out about an interview on our YouTube success.

Listen to the interview here:

In the pre-interview, Tim was surprised to find that MyNiceTie wasn't bringing in millions of dollars. He thought because of our millions of views on YouTube we'd be rolling in the dough and sitting on a beach somewhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. We're still just a small business working hard, focusing passionately on finding the best looking ties online, and changing the world one necktie at a time.

That said, this next year is going to be the biggest yet. We're excited about a 12 month lineup planned for more YouTube videos. In addition to some traditional knots like the Half Windsor and the Four-in-hand Knot, we're going to be doing some fun on-the-street videos and even debut the all new Buie Knot (pronounced boo-e). Stay tuned. We're also going to be adding more designs and types to our inventory including extra long ties and kids ties.

Big thanks to our loyal customers and fans!